The ACS Story

Your Single-Source Partner for Equipment, Controls and Facility Solutions

ACS was incorporated in 1994 as Affiliated Construction Services and founded on the proposition that elegant solutions emanate from applying fundamental engineering principles. The company was formed specifically to meet the expressed need for single-source, turnkey delivery of complex projects. The underlying concept was to assure the delivery of specialty equipment and facilities, fully integrated with the building utility systems.

More than simply a contractor or equipment supplier, today ACS is a unique provider of automation equipment, control systems and construction management services – with solutions encompassing:

What sets us apart is our breadth of knowledge and depth of experience mined from a number of different fields, enabling a diversity of projects such as fabrication and assembly of skidded equipment, custom machines, material handling systems, process automation & controls and test stands used in a wide range of markets including automotive and commercial vehicles, aerospace, research labs and general manufacturing.

Possessing more than 25 years of significant industry and subject matter expertise, we know how to ask the right questions, identify key technical and commercial drivers, assess and refine the scope of a project and find ways to minimize risk. Along with our Flexible Delivery Model  this has helped us build a level of trust that makes us an invaluable partner to our clients around the world.

All in all, ACS has capabilities that enable us to undertake large, complex projects effortlessly, deliver small projects cost effectively and do both with the highest level of value.


Our clients tell us that it is our high level of commitment, our “stick-to-it-ive-ness,” that sets ACS apart from other suppliers. Our team is part of yours until the job is done.