System Integration in Construction - Expertise You Can Count On

Market and Technology Expertise as a Systems Integrator.

Our experience in each of the fields of testing and process technology, equipment and controls solutions, planning and project management, facility design and construction, commissioning and systems integration not only sets ACS apart, but also sets the standard for a total turnkey resource. We have a scope of internal knowledge and capabilities that enable us to undertake large, complex projects effortlessly, deliver small projects cost effectively and do both with the highest level of value.ACS has a unique and thorough understanding of customer business drivers and technologies, including cost, delivery and performance. From regulatory requirements and energy efficiency initiatives to emerging market and industry trends, we understand the core requirements of R&D, production and industrial applications.

More than a contractor or an equipment supplier, we deliver system integration services. That can mean a single piece of equipment, an automated system, a comprehensive controls solution or a fully integrated facility.

For over a quarter century, clients have trusted our team with their research & development, certification/audit and manufacturing/production machines, equipment, controls and facility needs. Whether your project is new construction, a renovation or a retrofit, we provide the equipment and integration knowledge to help you improve efficiency, manage cost and reduce completion time.

Committed to the success of client’s investment, we don’t leave a project until everything is working as specified. Delivering functionality and guaranteeing performance is our core strength.

The name Ntandem is inspired by the necessity of working together when riding a tandem bike in order to arrive at a destination. By definition, “in tandem” means in partnership or working in conjunction with each other. Thus, as we partner with our client on any Ntandem project, the goal is altogether better, systems integration.

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Setting ourselves apart –

As an equipment supplier, manufacturer, and integrator….

As an engineering and design firm….

And a construction management company….

We have expertise and experience in each of the disciplines required to turnkey deliver your project.

Full service, single source – that’s ACS!