ACS Flexible Project Delivery Methods

From control systems and equipment solutions, through a completely integrated industrial facility, the ACS Flexible Delivery Model is a client-tested and proven approach that delivers systems and solutions that meet schedule, cost and functionality requirements. Encompassing planning, engineering, specification and procurement of equipment, custom machine fabrication and on-site installation, project management, construction, commissioning and long-term operational support, this unique approach enhances project value and aligns to client expectations.

Our Commitment to the Client

ACS’ Flexible Delivery Model allows the entire process to be adapted to clients’ in-house procedures, documentation, reporting requirements, and purchasing preferences, while coordinating needs with their budgets, project schedules and internal resources. ACS is also vendor independent, to help specify, select and procure the best equipment for your needs.

Highly committed to every client relationship, ACS works closely with stakeholders to determine exact needs and matches capabilities to meet project requirements. From Design-Build to Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC), ACS is experienced in the various models of contracting and executing projects and can adapt to a client’s preferred method. That’s true flexibility.

Benefits of the ACS Flexible Delivery Model

  • Research, technology and industry expertise ensure delivery of a functioning facility
  • Single-source responsibility with team collaboration aligns clients with expert resources
  • Early identification of schedule and costs facilitate accurate resource allocation
  • Accelerated project schedule promotes accelerated lead time
  • Reduced administrative burden allows the client team to stay focused on core responsibilities
  • Proper budget planning and control result in total project cost savings
  • Facility and system functionality meets client-developed criteria – guaranteed!