ACS Celebrates 30 Years of Business

February 19, 2024

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ACS celebrates 30 years of business

Recognizing Years of Accomplishments

ACS is proud to announce the celebration of its 30th anniversary. Since its inception in 1994, ACS has been committed to designing, engineering, and building innovative equipment, machines, controls, data acquisition systems, and facilities for industry leaders.

In the early 1990s, ACS had strong ties with renowned organizations in agriculture machinery, engine manufacturing, and iconic motorcycle brands, prioritizing each as a valued long-term customer. Today, ACS looks toward an expanded clientele, encompassing many markets including aerospace, automotive, automation and controls, and software sectors, signaling an evolving and growing future.

Scott Hoselton, President of ACS, attributes the company’s resilience and success to its deep understanding of customers’ processes, along with the vital infrastructure, controls, and systems required for smooth operations. Whether delivering a service, or a piece of equipment, ACS emphasizes specific outcomes, blending technical proficiency with collaborative client partnerships—a formula that endures. This synergy enables connectivity and automation, catering to manufacturers’ efficiency and cost-reduction needs, and presenting extensive business prospects. “We’re flexible. We can bend to the needs of the customer’s procurement methodologies, which is why we can work with large companies on even larger projects. We work with their teams and are still able to deliver what our core strength is, which is true integration.”

For more information about this milestone, check out ACS’ feature in Madison’s In Business February issue.