ACS Helping Advance High Tech Jobs in Wisconsin Today

October 18, 2017

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The potential investment by Foxconn has garnered significant focus and attention, but Wisconsin companies are already leading the way to bring high-tech jobs to the state. As part of its ongoing investment in Wisconsin, Generac Power Systems recently collaborated with ACS to expand and enhance Generac’s research and development capabilities.

In 2015, Generac identified the need for world-class R&D space to support the development and testing of its wide range of products. Because of the highly technical aspects of the renovation, Generac turned to ACS, Wisconsin’s high-tech turnkey builder. ACS used its expertise in planning and project development to help deliver a project that supports Generac’s strategic vision. ACS handled key phases of the project, from pre-construction services to final commissioning of the 6,000 square-foot renovation. Already employing over 2,000 employees across Wisconsin, Generac’s investment strengthens its commitment to the state.

“Our uniqueness is our ability to truly understand the facility process requirements and then design and build a solution that supports this process,” says Scott Hoselton, President of ACS. “We did just that at Generac, delivering a facility that met Generac’s functional requirements and exceeded Generac’s expectations.”

Aaron Jagdfeld, Generac President and CEO, added, “This world-class facility is just the beginning of our ongoing commitment to invest in Wisconsin. We are a company focused on innovation, so we were delighted to work with ACS because they found innovative and efficient solutions to the challenges of this project.”

acs advance high tech jobs wisconsin

Working with contractors and design firms across the state, ACS proved that Wisconsin has the talent to deliver world-class facilities. This Wisconsin talent is undoubtedly why companies continue to expand and invest in the state.

“As we’ve grown and added facilities throughout Wisconsin, it became clear that we needed to invest in a cutting-edge space at our corporate headquarters allowing us to dramatically advance our key product development and engineering activities,” Jagdfeld said. “This project will help us realize efficiencies at our headquarters facility that will drive continued innovation.” The project included advanced research and development facilities that will house equipment and technologies to enable faster prototyping and testing of products in-house.

According to Hoselton, “ACS has the ability to assume complete project responsibility. This includes front-end planning, building design and construction, and process equipment and controls integration through a single point of contact. This expertise helped us deliver a world-class solution to Generac at a lower cost and on an accelerated schedule. This is what we do.”

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