ACS Shows Statics Students the Foundation to Engineering Success

April 23, 2018 - Author: Daryl Rothamer, Principal, Director, Systems and Equipment

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Our relationship with Madison College’s STEM program continues to grow! On Friday, April 20th ACS hosted students from Madison College’s Statics class for demonstrations of current projects from our in-house technical experts and a tour of our manufacturing facility.

Statics is defined as the study of particle and rigid body equilibrium. The class is designed to give students mathematical and analytical tools required to calculate forces transmitted to different parts of a structure, given a set of loads acting on it. A statics class is a fundamental component of almost every type of four-year engineering degree.

The visit included a tour of the ACS manufacturing facility, a presentation of a containerized dynamometer solution for durability testing of diesel fuel injectors, demonstrations of 3D scanning and modeling for facilities and equipment, a ground simulation test stand for off-road equipment currently under development at ACS, and an automated machine with a vision system for process quality control, designed and built by ACS. The program concluded with a presentation of a containerized dynamometer solution for durability testing of diesel fuel injectors.

Our technical experts shared their education and career backgrounds, giving students an opportunity to see how their coursework will be applied as they pursue their own career paths.

By demonstrating some of the unique and progressive abilities we have at ACS, our goal is to encourage students to pursue a career in the STEM field. Liz Reinke, statics class instructor thanked ACS by saying, “Statics students go on to study a variety of engineering disciplines, and ACS is an ideal company to showcase many different areas of engineering and their applications. The presentation and tour at ACS were a wonderful way for engineering students early in their studies to see a variety of projects that involve design, manufacturing, electrical systems, and analysis. I know the information provided by ACS will help motivate our students to work hard and seek out internships.”

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