ACS Sponsors Networking Session at ERC | Engine Research Center Symposium

July 16, 2019

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engine research center symposium

ACS personnel attended the ERC – 2019 Symposium, held in June at the UW-Madison campus. The symposium is focused on bringing engine design professionals from industry and academia together for several days to discuss the latest advances in internal combustion (IC) engine technology and how future client and governmental requirements will be met. The theme of this year’s ERC Symposium was “Technologies to Meet Ultra-Low NOx Standards.”

Topics included powertrain technology and regulation; dual-fuel engine technology; clean combustion natural gas engines; global emissions regulations; and after-treatment technologies.

To show our commitment to the mission of the ERC and the attendees of the symposium, ACS was happy to sponsor the networking session and social hour in the evening following the first day of sessions.

Learn more about the Engine Research Center: Click Here

More about ERC – 2019 Symposium: Click Here

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