Industrial Machine Builder for Test and Production Automation

May 18, 2020 - Author: Paul Enger, Director, Business Development

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Although ACS is recognized as an industry-leading custom test equipment manufacturer and turnkey provider of controls, equipment and facilities for research and development, I am always pleased to see the reaction when customers first realize that ACS can support their production operations as well. I welcome the opportunity to learn about clients’ production challenges and to share how our industrial automation integration solutions have helped companies with their goals of increasing data-driven decisions, addressing labor shortages, and improving safety and efficiency.

ACS has worked on production automation projects for which we provided stand-alone equipment, controls, and integrated machines across a wide variety of industries. In fact, we have provided solutions to produce and test just about anything: diesel engines, electric vehicle battery packs, specialized dry chemicals, and even nuclear fuel rods!

We hear from our customers that we differentiate ourselves and offer the most value for these kinds of projects:

  • Controls- and data acquisition-only projects requiring the replacement of obsolete hardware and software
  • Custom designed and built rigging for production test that are highly specialized and engineered for performance
  • In-process inspection and test stations that integrate existing technology into a turnkey custom machine with material handling
  • End-of-Line (EOL) full performance custom test machines that are integrated with existing plant systems

Please contact us about your unique project. Complex? Custom? Production? Yes, we do that!

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