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The depth and breadth of ACS’ expertise and experience is best represented in the many successful projects we have completed. ACS has worked with clients all over the world to earn their satisfaction and build a project portfolio of which we can be proud. We invite you to discover more about our capabilities and experience by reviewing our representative projects.

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ACS created a realistic rendering of a pilot plant being manufactured for Linde Gas North America

Modular Skid Design and Fabrication for Pilot Plant Construction

Skidded system at pilot plant for testing new technology for aerosol particle reduction

Project Features: Modular Skid Design and Fabrication, Pilot Plant Construction, Aerosol Particle Reduction Technology Test, Construction Management

Categories: Energy, R&D, Process Automation & Control

generac research development facility, acs advance high tech jobs wisconsin, , generac commissioning

Generac R&D Lab Renovation

ACS designed and built the research and development space for Generac Power Systems, Inc. The renovation was transformed into a "like new" space previously used for manufacturing. ACS used critical chain methodology to manage scheduling and complexity of working in an operating facility.

Project Features: Alternator, Component Test, Transfer Switch Lab, Electronics Lab, Equipment Procurement & Integration, Preconstruction & Construction Management, Commissioning

Categories: Energy, R&D, Test Cells, Integrated Buildings, Facilities & Equipment Integration

end line gen set production testing, systems integration services, integrated equipment, integrated test facility

End of Line Gen-Set Production Testing

The end-of-line production test stations were relocated to a more efficient area of the facility and integrated with the production/assembly area. Gensets testing includes multiple fuels; An Allen Bradley Safety PLC monitors all fuel safety related items in the test cells, including gas monitoring, gaseous valve control and other safety related items. The system interfaces with the test cell PLC/Cyflex system regarding cell readiness.

Project Features: Genset, Test, Automation, EOL, Data Acquisition, DAQ, Equipment Design, Production, Fabrication, PLC

Categories: Enclosures/Containerized Test, Energy, Facilities & Equipment Integration, Integrated Buildings, Machines & Equipment, Manufacturing, Process Automation & Control, Test Cells


Displaying 1 to 3 of 3 Projects