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The depth and breadth of ACS’ expertise and experience is best represented in the many successful projects we have completed. ACS has worked with clients all over the world to earn their satisfaction and build a project portfolio of which we can be proud. We invite you to discover more about our capabilities and experience by reviewing our representative projects.

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ground simulation test systems, r&d test systems

Ground Simulation Test Systems for Off-Road Machinery Testing

Ground simulation test systems for R&D durability testing of off-road machinery to simulate real world conditions during extreme usage.

Project Features: R&D Testing, Durability Test Stand, Ground Simulation Test System, Off-Road Machinery Testing, Integrated Controls, Allen Bradley PLC

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Stands, Process Automation & Control, Machines & Equipment

integrated test rig enclosure for engine component test using a variety of fuels

Test Enclosure Component Test Stand

ACS designed and built a free-standing enclosure for engine component testing using a variety of fuels. For safe operation, the unitary test stand does not allow operators to physically enter the test enclosure.

Project Features: Modular Enclosure, Test Rig, Component Test Stand, Alternative Fuels, Fuel Handling, Allen-Bradley PLC, Data Acquisition

Categories: R&D, Test Stands, Machines & Equipment

material handling system supplier, automation integrator

Automation Integration and Machine Automation System for Product Quality Inspection

ACS designed and manufactured a material handling and machine automation system integrated with product quality inspection machine.

Project Features: Material Handling, Integrated Inspection, Controls, Automated Production Test

Categories: Manufacturing/Production, Process Automation & Control, Machines & Equipment

engine test cell ventilation

Engine Test Cell Ventilation – Articulating Exhaust Arm

Articulating exhaust arm for engine test cell ventilation of production test facility is designed for maximum versatility. One exhaust system is used across a wide spectrum of engine sizes and configurations.

Project Features: Engine Test Cell Ventilation, Combustion Exhaust, Test Cell Engine Exhaust, Articulating Exhaust Arm, Controls, Control Panels, Production Test

Categories: Manufacturing/Production, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Cells, Machines & Equipment

4wd chassis dyno emissions test cell upgrade, vehicle test cell upgrade, acs expands michigan

4WD Chassis Dyno Emissions Test Cell Upgrade

The state-of-the-art facility develops and tests emission control systems based on advanced catalytic technology to provide automakers with solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

Project Features: Dynamometer, 4WD Chassis Dyno, Emissions, Drivetrain, Facility Expansion

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Cells, Integrated Buildings, Facilities & Equipment Integration, Machines & Equipment

test center expansion, diesel engine test cell, acs project case studies

Farmington Hills Expansion

ACS provided the complete design, procurement, construction and commissioning for the facility, as well as design and fabrication of the test equipment for a 28,000 square foot addition. The addition included a test space, machine shop, engine staging/build-up, offices, metrology, and warehouse/storage.

Project Features: Technical Center Expansion, Test, Engine Staging & Build-up, Offices, Warehouse & Storage, Data Acquisition, Facility Control PLC

Categories: Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Integrated Buildings, Process Automation & Control, Machines & Equipment


Displaying 1 to 6 of 26 Projects