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The depth and breadth of ACS’ expertise and experience is best represented in the many successful projects we have completed. ACS has worked with clients all over the world to earn their satisfaction and build a project portfolio of which we can be proud. We invite you to discover more about our capabilities and experience by reviewing our representative projects.

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Process Automation & Control

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Cardinal IG Facility Expansion for Jumbo Glass Manufacturing Line

Facility renovations to accommodate equipment and processes for new product line as well as an addition to the facility to account for planned increase in production lines.

Project Features: Production Facility Renovation and Addition, 400,000 SF, Equipment and Processes for New Insulating Glass Product Line, Intense Power Requirements for Production Process

Categories: Integrated Buildings, Manufacturing, Process Automation & Control

Boom arm in support of automation and control upgrade of production quality leak test

Automation and Control Upgrade of In-Line Production Test

To support the automation and control of an in-line production quality leak test of engines, ACS designed and built four “T” shaped boom arms and PLC for safety and control of devices.

Project Features: In-line Production Test, Engine Leak Testing, Siemens PLC, Automation and Control Upgrade, Boom Arm for Tools Improves Efficiency and Operator Safety

Categories: Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Facilities & Equipment Integration, Process Automation & Control, Production Verification, Test Stands

ACS created a realistic rendering of a pilot plant being manufactured for Linde Gas North America

Modular Skid Design and Fabrication for Pilot Plant Construction

Skidded system at pilot plant for testing new technology for aerosol particle reduction

Project Features: Modular Skid Design and Fabrication, Pilot Plant Construction, Aerosol Particle Reduction Technology Test, Construction Management

Categories: Energy, R&D, Process Automation & Control

data acquisition (daq) using ni™ veristand with pxi hardware

Test Stand DAQ Upgrade

As systems integrator to upgrade compressor test stand controls and Data Acquisition (DAQ), ACS provided a main PLC panel, four remote I/O panels, one DAQ cabinet and two instrumentation boxes with new boom arms

Project Features: Machine and Equipment Control, NI™ VeriStand Data Acquisition (DAQ), Systems Integrator, Compressor Test Stand Controls Upgrade

Categories: R&D, Test Cells, Process Automation & Control, Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software

process control system, control systems manufacturers

Process Control System Upgrade

Replacement of PC-based system with Mitsubishi PLCs and HMIs to upgrade and standardize a production process metering and dispensing system in three production facilities.

Project Features: Process Controls System Upgrade, Mitsubishi PLC, Metering and Dispensing System

Categories: Machines & Equipment, Process Automation & Control, Production Verification

transmission tester machine, electric transmission test, electric transmission test equipment

Electric Transmission Test for Production Quality Verification

ACS designed and built a custom, end-of-line (EOL) electric transmission test stand for verifying the quality the gear boxes of electric transmission assemblies. An NI (National Instruments) system was used for real-time control, data acquisition, and recording of all functionality related to the test stand.

Project Features: End-of-Line (EOL) Production Electric Transmission Test Stand, Production Quality Verification, Electrification, Component Test Stand, NI Integrator Partner, Systems Integrator

Categories: Electrification, Machines & Equipment, Process Automation & Control, Production Verification, Test Stands


Displaying 1 to 6 of 19 Projects