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The depth and breadth of ACS’ expertise and experience is best represented in the many successful projects we have completed. ACS has worked with clients all over the world to earn their satisfaction and build a project portfolio of which we can be proud. We invite you to discover more about our capabilities and experience by reviewing our representative projects.

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acs manufactured an integrated fire rated enclosure and safety system for r&d testing to optimize fuel filtration products

Fuel Filtration Product Test Stand

R&D Test stand for fuel filtration products provides increased testing capabilities and validates use of OEM filtration products in a variety of applications. Test stand operates an OEM high pressure fuel pump and injectors with varying levels of dust incorporated into the working diesel calibration fluid.

Project Features: Fire Suppression Safety-Rated Modular Enclosure, Filtration R&D Test Cell, R&D Fuel Filtration Products Testing, Particle Counting System

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Cells, Test Stands, Machines & Equipment, Enclosures/Containerized Test

data acquisition (daq) using ni™ veristand with pxi hardware

Test Stand DAQ Upgrade

As systems integrator to upgrade compressor test stand controls and Data Acquisition (DAQ), ACS provided a main PLC panel, four remote I/O panels, one DAQ cabinet and two instrumentation boxes with new boom arms

Project Features: Machine and Equipment Control, NI™ VeriStand Data Acquisition (DAQ), Systems Integrator, Compressor Test Stand Controls Upgrade

Categories: R&D, Test Cells, Process Automation & Control, Machines & Equipment

electric vehicle test enclosure, test cell enclosure manufacturer

Test Cell Enclosure Manufacturer

Seven modular enclosures, integrated and installed at customer site are configured to become a test lab for E-motor, battery and inverter development and electrification testing

Project Features: Modular Enclosures, E-Motor Drive Systems, Battery, and Inverter Development Test, Air Handling, Electrical, and Safety Systems, Site Preparation and Installation, Commissioning

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Cells, Electrification, Enclosures/Containerized Test

r&d technical center greenfield site

Research and Development Technical Center Greenfield Site

New R&D Technical Center on a greenfield site includes 4WD EPA1066 chassis dynamometer test cell, SHEDs for evaporative emission testing, fuel room, vehicle soak space, two-story office area with collaboration space.

Project Features: Greenfield, New Construction, Design/Build, Turnkey Delivery, Test Equipment Procurement, Installation, integration, Facility & Equipment Integration, 4WD EPA1066 Chassis Dynamometer Test Cell, SHEDs for Evaporative Emission Testing, Fuel Room

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Cells, Integrated Buildings, Facilities & Equipment Integration

ground simulation test systems, r&d test systems

Ground Simulation Test Systems for Off-Road Machinery Testing

Ground simulation test systems for R&D durability testing of off-road machinery to simulate real world conditions during extreme usage.

Project Features: R&D Testing, Durability Test Stand, Ground Simulation Test System, Off-Road Machinery Testing, Integrated Controls, Allen Bradley PLC

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Stands, Process Automation & Control, Machines & Equipment, Enclosures/Containerized Test

acoustics consultant, acoustics engineer

Acoustics Consultant | Engineer for Automotive Technical Center

A UK-based supplier of automobiles sought ACS expertise and experience to serve as their test equipment integrator and acoustic consultant during the design phases of their consolidation of NVH test capabilities into a single new technical center. ACS provided design phase consulting, acoustic analysis, product specification, design integration, and planning for commissioning.

Project Features: NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) Consulting, Acoustics and Vibration Analysis, Product and Test Equipment Specification, Design Phase Consulting, Test Equipment Design Integration, Test Equipment Commissioning Planning

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Noise & Vibration/NVH, Facilities & Equipment Integration


Displaying 1 to 6 of 38 Projects