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The depth and breadth of ACS’ expertise and experience is best represented in the many successful projects we have completed. ACS has worked with clients all over the world to earn their satisfaction and build a project portfolio of which we can be proud. We invite you to discover more about our capabilities and experience by reviewing our representative projects.

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product quality test stand

Custom Product Quality Test Stand Improves Throughput and Operator Safety

Custom- designed product quality test stand improves production throughput and operator safety

Project Features: Integrated Product Quality Test Stand, Reliability Testing, Production Verification, NI™ LabVIEW DAQ (data acquisition) and Control System

Categories: Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software, Machines & Equipment, Production Verification, Test Stands

ACS manufactured an HDEP oil fill station for Detroit Diesel

Engine Test Benches | Hot Engine Testing

Manufacturing processes and pre-shipment hot engine testing for quality streamlined with rigging/derigging and oil heating and dispensing stations

Project Features: Rigging & Derigging Stations, Siemens PLC Processor, Oil Heating Units and Pumping System, Dispensing Stations, Production Quality Hot Engine Test, Dyno

Categories: Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Production Verification, Test Stands

product development lab upgrade for engine testing, systems integration services, integrated equipment, integrated test facility

Product Development Lab Upgrade

Engine manufacturer expands development and endurance testing capabilities by renovating and upgrading existing space

Project Features: Test Cell Renovation, Engine Endurance Test Cell, Engine Development Dyno Cells, Demolition and Construction of Test Cells, HVAC and Controls Upgrades

Categories: Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Cells, Facilities & Equipment Integration

distributed daq & control, aerospace daq test hil, aerospace hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump testing, aerospace hydraulic systems

Universal Control and DAQ System for Testing Aerospace Hydraulic Systems

Open architecture framework for data acquisition and control provide flexibility for testing aerospace hydraulic systems and components

Project Features: Hydraulic Systems Testing, Data Acquisition (DAQ), ACS LabVIEW Framework, Open Architecture, Distributed Control System

Categories: Aerospace, Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software, R&D, Test Stands

environmental test chamber, dust chamber for dust test intrusion testing of EV battery packs under operating conditions

EV Battery Test Dust Chamber

Self-contained dust chamber for EV battery testing allows client to bring testing inhouse

Project Features: Dust Chamber for ISO 20653 Testing of Electric Vehicle (EV) Batteries, Self-Contained Test Chamber, Environmental Test Chamber, Allen Bradley PLC

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Stands, Electrification

advanced powertrain solutions, ev powertrain design, r&d test

EV Powertrain System R&D Test Cells

Renovation and construction of R&D test cells for research of hybrid gasoline, natural gas, medium-sized diesel, and electric powertrains

Project Features: Test Cell Renovation, Hybrid, Natural Gas, Diesel, Electric Powertrains, EV Powertrain Systems, Utility Systems, Test Equipment

Categories: R&D, Automotive & Commercial Vehicles, Test Cells, Electrification


Displaying 13 to 18 of 78 Projects