Imagine My Surprise – Confidential Research Comes Back to Find Me

June 28, 2016 - Author: Stephen Klick, Senior Mechanical Engineer – Test and Measurement Systems

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clean diesel emissions testing

Imagine my surprise when seven years after completing a project, I ran across this article while reading one of my favorite auto news sites:

The article brought back a lot of memories from the project but best of all it was good to know that those cute little lab rats were not adversely affected by 2007 compliant clean diesel emissions testing and they were just as healthy as normal lab rats over their lifetime.

It’s one of the interesting things about research and what I like about the field of engine and vehicle testing. Often, it’s quite a while between when a study starts and when the research results are known. In 2008 when I worked on commissioning the diesel engine test cell, the client and the research they were doing was highly confidential. I knew the general nature of the overall project but my focus was getting the engine and test cell systems running reliably and turned over to the client. After the test cell was successfully commissioned, I was on to the next project and busy enough that new responsibilities pushed any facts of the project into some back drawer in my memory bank – until now.

Photo courtesy of AutoBlog.

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