State of the Engine: Part I, Future of Emission Regulations

August 4, 2015 - Author: Matt Rodgers, Lead Mechanical Engineer

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electrification technology, tractor trailer innovations

With the implementation of the Final Tier 4 diesel engine regulations, what is next on the horizon for on and off road gasoline and diesel engines? Will there be a Tier 5; will engines actually make the air cleaner than what they originally consumed?

These have been questions asked by many and the EPA has delivered their message through their ruling on the 2025 EPA Light Duty Regulation Standards. By 2025 the corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) will have to improve to 54.5 MPG (nearly double of today’s average). CO2 is also being the primary target by being reduced ~25% from today by 2020 and by ~80% by 2050. These are extremely aggressive targets imposed by the EPA and will mark a challenge to engine OEMs. It will also be a face off of technology, forcing increased cost and delicate balance of what the customer wants versus meeting EPA regulation.

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