Improved Safety & Data Tracking – Benefits of an Automated Partial Flow Diesel Particulate Filter Changer

February 4, 2016 - Author: Rob Pape, Senior Mechanical Engineer

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diesel test cell filter changer

Are new data tracking or personnel safety initiatives driving your needs for an automated solution for diesel particulate filter weighing?

An automated partial flow diesel particulate filter changer can be a key part of your personnel safety initiatives and provide improved data tracking. Minimizing or eliminating operator time inside the test cell is often at odds with testing that requires faster or more frequent change of diesel particulate filters. ACS provides an automated solution that meets the EPA’s 1065 regulation requirements as well as being CE compliant and reduces operator time inside the test cell.

Over eight years ago, ACS teamed with a renowned diesel engine OEM to design and build an Automatic Filter Changer (AFC) solution from the ground up. Today we manufacture AFCs using our current design with the ability to easily customize to your particular weighing processes, exhaust sample locations and evolving company safety mandates.

Our customers tell us that it’s the custom “process driven” features we design into our system that are most important to them. Systems can be modular, making then easy to move between rooms; bar code reading features improve tracking and data integrity; and multi-filter cassettes make loading and unloading easier.

To learn more about how ACS can help with your particular challenges in capturing the ‘elusive’ diesel emissions particulate, please contact us.

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