Linking Employee Satisfaction to Customer Satisfaction

October 17, 2016 - Author: Scott Hoselton, President

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acs linking customer satisfaction employee satisfaction

I recently received the annual “Best Places to Work” edition of our local business magazine. The winners are impressive in terms of the commitments they make to employee benefits, community involvement, clarity in direction, diversity, and inclusion. It made me think about why a great place to work is so important for a company.

World class organizations measure employee satisfaction and happiness – and seek “Best Places to Work” status because it’s recognized that there is a direct link between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. A happy and engaged team is a productive team…..and a productive team leads to happy customers. Happy, satisfied customers are good for business.

At ACS, we work hard to find team members who are technically qualified to deliver the innovative solutions our customers demand. We work equally hard to retain and engage employees by building a strong culture…for when we do, these efforts lead directly to happy customers.

acs linking customer satisfaction employee satisfaction

It’s common sense. When people feel great about the place they work…they provide better customer service. – Monsanto

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