PLC Control Capabilities

September 30, 2015

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The beauty of modern control systems is that they are based on programmable controllers. We can take a programmable controller (PLC) from one application, apply some fancy programming to it and use it for a completely different application. Is it really that simple? Well, from a software perspective it is. That’s the beauty.

As a controls engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to apply these generic software solutions to specific problems. It is what I love to do! Three years ago, I used a PLC to control the addition of liquid ingredients to a kettle of pastry fillings. The next year, I used the same model of PLC to control airflow on a grain drying application. Most recently, I again used the same PLC to automate a generator set test cell. The possibilities are limitless!

I am fortunate to be part of a controls team who, in addition to having significant experience with programmable controls in the engine and vehicle test market, also has individuals with highly diverse backgrounds spanning many industries, applications, and automation platforms. As a team, we have the engineering capability to design, document, program, and commission control systems for all sorts of facilities, machines, processes, and applications. We take a PLC, write some fancy programming, commission the system, and put it to work. That again, is the beauty. PLC control capabilities are endless.

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