Should I Invest in Automation?

June 11, 2018

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We attended the Automation Conference & Expo, in Rosemont, IL where we came to learn more about the needs of the industrial automation professionals in the process, discrete manufacturing and packaging industries.

Some of the key topics discussed were IIoT, Big Data, and how they apply to automation.

Below are the top reasons why organizations have increased their investment in automation according to PMMI Media Group, the head sponsor of the Automation Conference & Expo.

Top reasons to invest in automation:

  1. Demand: The need for consumer goods has increased exponentially leading to the need for fast and efficient production.
  2. Safety: Decreasing machine and human interaction minimizes the possibilities for accidents or injuries as well as downtime.
  3. Data & Metrics: Regulate your process and sensor data while sending that information directly to your database. Leverage your data to answer all your inefficiency questions.
  4. Waste & Output: Efficiently alternate product type and quantity while decreasing total process waste and product damage.
  5. Costs: Operating processes at a faster and more efficient rate, for a longer duration, with less downtime creates an overall decrease in cost.

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