State of the Engine: Part II, Engine Technology

August 14, 2015 - Author: Matt Rodgers, Lead Mechanical Engineer

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electrification technology, tractor trailer innovations

The engine as we know it today has a healthy and promising future, despite the imposing fuel economy and emission regulations on the horizon. Will the engine of tomorrow be a gasoline spark ignition engine? Will it be a diesel compression ignition engine? Will it be a compression ignition engine on a new fuel? The answer to these questions is driving much research and testing among not only engine manufacturers, but also within fuel companies.

As the drive towards increased engine efficiency is met with mandatory EPA regulations, the next 10 years will inspire new technology and approaches to a modern powertrain. Emerging engine technologies with increased compression ratio, direct injection, charged air via turbo and superchargers, smaller displacements, etc. will be continued solutions. Will technology ultimately marry the gasoline and diesel advantages together into a single solution with benefits of both? I personally feel we will have this answer in the next 10 years.

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