When Custom Is Better Than Off-the-Shelf

June 3, 2015 - Author: Matt Thiel, Vice President - Research & Technology and Susan Dineen, Marketing Manager

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Custom engineered and purpose built test equipment can often better address your requirements for functionality, delivery and price.

In today’s world where anything can be found at the touch of a keyboard, chances are good that there is a company out there with a product that exactly meets your needs, right? While that can be the case, the complex nature of testing often requires something special. In these instances, where off-the-shelf means you need to settle for equipment with too many or too few features, configurations, or options, custom engineered equipment provides the best option to meet your specification, budget, and schedule requirements, and help you generate revenue or capture a market opportunity.

This article, published in the June, 2015 issue of Automotive Testing Technology International, encourages us to think about custom equipment as purpose-built and not necessarily designed from scratch. Instead, through a case example, we learn that you can get exactly what you need at affordable price, and delivered on time.

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