Automotive and Commercial Vehicles Testing Solutions

July 21, 2022

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Automotive testing solutions

Automotive Testing Solutions for Your Facility

ACS presents an extensive portfolio showcasing our proven track record and a long history of delivering test facility and equipment projects within the automotive and commercial vehicle marketplace. Our success is rooted in being your single source turnkey project partner, offering a collaborative team of seasoned professionals in planning, engineering design, construction, project management, and integration.

Automotive Testing Solutions Require an Inside Out Approach

Our inside out approach begins with asking “What do you want your facility to do?” With our extensive experience, we’re confident and experts at defining and transforming desired functionality from an initial concept into approved designs that comply with operational, safety, and regulatory standards. We proceed to construct the envisioned solution, consolidating all aspects into a seamless integration of equipment, controls, and building systems, providing the answer to our initial question.

Automotive Vehicle Testing Markets

ACS is dedicated to advancing the engine and transportation sectors, boasting proficiency in regulatory compliance and market demands for both on-highway and off-highway vehicle applications. Our clientele spans OEMs, tier suppliers, an independent automotive test lab, national labs, government institutions, and universities, serving various market segments within the following market segments:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Commercial non-road
  • On-highway
  • Recreational/consumer

Types of Applications

We analyze test articles and applications comprehensively, considering factors that impact performance or need special attention to meet test requirements, like infrastructure, layout, and the proximity to the Unit Under Test (UUT). This comprehensive approach ensures we integrate all elements effectively, creating a complete test cell that anticipates various scenarios and delivers a total solution.

Our Services

ACS possesses a vast array of internal expertise and capabilities, allowing us to seamlessly manage large, intricate projects and deliver smaller ones with utmost cost efficiency, all while ensuring the highest value. Our flexible delivery approach aims to tailor solutions to meet your specific schedule, cost, and functional demands. Leveraging our expertise in engineering, equipment procurement, contract negotiation, construction, risk management, and facility integration, we strive to deliver solutions tailored to your needs. Whether through comprehensive turnkey services or individual deliverables, our offerings cover:

  • Front End Planning (FEP)
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Design and engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Acceptance testing
  • Training and handover

From mechanical systems, controls, and software to dynamometers and accompanying equipment, ACS manages every aspect of an automotive vehicle testing endeavor. Whether it’s procurement, contracting, construction, or any requisite task, we’re committed to achieving your objectives and crafting the automotive testing solutions masterpiece you envision.