Low Temperature Fluid Skids for Engine and Powertrain Testing

October 21, 2021

Low temperature fluid skids for R&D testing to validate and certify engines and powertrains in a dynomometer test lab. ACS engineered and built multiple skids for enhanced the test capabilities as part of an upgrade and renovation of test cells and test facilities for an automotive OEM. The renovation included new dynos, emissions equipment, gas detection systems, PLC upgrades and data acquisitions systems.

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Custom Enclosures – Modular, Versatile, Economical

April 14, 2020

Custom enclosures provide a modular, portable, and economical way to conduct R&D and End-of-Line (EOL) product testing. ACS provides a turnkey solution including engineering, construction, and delivery of the enclosures as well as the facility support systems, onsite installation, and commissioning.

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Automated Piston Cap Glue Machine

March 28, 2018

ACS’ automation solutions are designed to provide a common information and control platform to help you increase productivity, reduce costs and improve ease-of-use across your plant floor. Our scalable solutions are tailored to application-specific requirements and allow us to solve short term production needs while providing a foundation for future solutions.

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Custom Test Stand

January 16, 2018

Whether the project is a stand-alone test stand, an in-production or in-process functional test station with integrated material handling, or a system that will be integrated into facility layouts and systems, ACS’ component and system functional testing solutions ensure that the performance specifications of the unit under test are met and that design tradeoffs are properly considered and evaluated.

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