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April 10, 2023 - Author: Matt Jorgensen - Director, Facility Engineering and Site Management

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Futureproofing infrastructure upgrades while facility planning and renovations

Futureproofing Infrastructure Upgrades for Renovations and Facility Planning

Automotive engineers face increasing cost constraints and deadlines, yet their workload has become more diverse and unpredictable than ever. Futureproofing test facilities and infrastructure upgrades are crucial in adapting to these changes. However, determining strategic investments can be challenging when facility planning, with returns not always assured. What features are essential, and which trends are shaping this demand?

Alex Grant writes about the topic of futureproofing in his article, “Are You Ready for the Future?” in the March issue of Automotive Testing Technology International. He identifies four key areas for how to futureproof a facility:

  1. Flexibility – In a dynamic environment, avoid fixed layouts and equipment that limits testing to a single technology type whenever possible.
  2. Infrastructure – Plan for ample headroom to ensure stable, high-speed onsite connectivity and suitable power supply for electrified vehicles.
  3. Convenience – Developers benefit from easy access and a smooth transition throughout their testing journeys, whether physical or virtual.
  4. Sustainability – Opt for items contributing to environmental goals, as energy productivity is a key factor for companies considering equipment or services.

Matt Jorgensen, Director of Facility Engineering and Site Management at ACS, was one of the specialists who weighed in on the emerging needs of test facilities and how to futureproof them. Matt describes that when it comes to powertrain testing, updates don’t always mean starting from scratch, despite the shift in propulsion technology.

“If we are working with a company that has a test facility designed around an internal combustion engine product, there are many existing systems that can be reused.” He describes that ACS assesses the existing systems, determines what is still useful, and then designs new solutions where needed.

The more a company understands futureproofing and emerging technologies, the better they can incorporate flexibility into the design of testing resources from the start.

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