Building Engine Test Cells

December 12, 2023 - Author: Joe Sweeney - Engineering Manager, Integration Engineering, Matt Guise - Project Manager

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Aerospace engine test cells


How a Systems Integration Plan Can Support Your Aerospace Engine Test Cells

Engine test cells within aerospace engineering are pivotal in guaranteeing the safety and efficacy of aircraft and spacecraft. Hence, crafting these cells demands a dedicated commitment, emphasizing extensive technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail.

Given the intricacy of aerospace engine test cells, manufacturers often extend the life of legacy equipment, sometimes spanning up to 50 years. However, this longevity necessitates ongoing enhancements, adaptations, and maintenance. From building and constructing to integrating and commissioning equipment, each stage demands meticulous aviation planning and execution for precise and dependable outcomes.

As air travel rises, manufacturers prioritize efficiency and throughput enhancements. This involves adopting new propulsion technologies, renewable fuels, and electrification for sustainability. However, the growing demand often surpasses the capabilities of aging facilities. While maintenance prolongs their life, it doesn’t address capacity limitations. This necessitates constructing new, remodeled, or additional facilities to meet present and future throughput needs effectively.

When initiating projects with new engine test cells, having a meticulous systems integration plan rooted in industry expertise is essential. Take note of these critical factors during the planning, construction, and implementation phases of your next test cell project:

  1. Design from the inside out, starting by defining testing criteria.
  2. Ensure all critical elements of the facility and test cell are integrated seamlessly.
  3. Clearly define the responsibilities of all involved parties.
  4. Commit to mutual knowledge transfer from start to finish.

By prioritizing comprehensive systems integration across the design, construction, and handover phases of a new testing facility, aerospace organizations can guarantee adherence to the highest safety and performance standards across all aspects of the operation. Hear more from Joe Sweeney, Engineering Manager, Integration Engineering, and Matt Guise, Project Manager, in the full article published in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design.