Chamber Made to Protect EV Batteries

April 11, 2023

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environmental test chamber, dust chamber for dust test intrusion testing of EV battery packs under operating conditions

As described in detail in the April 2023 issue of SAE Automotive Engineering article, ACS was selected by a major automaker, to design and build a self-contained test stand with a dust chamber, in accordance with ISO and client-specific standards. ACS engineered and built an environmental test chamber designed to the standard of keeping 2kg of dust suspended per cubic meter of volume.

“One of the technical challenges with this project was to design the chamber and size the test stand for multiple battery sizes. The ISO standard requires a 2kg mass of dust per cubic meter. As the unoccupied volume interior to the chamber changes with the test article, the fan velocity and volume of raw dust product needed to be varied,” said David Suehs, Engineering Manager, Machine Design Group at ACS.

Read the full article starting on page 35 here: Automotive Engineering – April 2023 (