Our engineers and subject matter experts provide the expertise to help our manufacturing industry clients succeed. We take a collaborative approach to solving problems and seeking solutions for automation, efficiency, safety, regulatory requirements, data acquisition and improved facility layout.

With a strong background in product testing (both in-line and end-of-line), test sequence configuration, Safety Instruments System (SIS) monitoring and systems integration, ACS designs and builds stand-alone test stands and stations as well as test enclosures and systems that are integrated into an overall manufacturing plant. Increasing throughput and improving efficiency, we have designed and built fully automated test and test article transportation systems including test pallets, carts, and control systems fully integrated with a conveying system.

Where modifications to the building infrastructure are required to support the new test processes, ACS’ experience and expertise in engineering and fabricating custom processing equipment and systems, as well as our ability to hold construction contracts and manage the onsite installation and commissioning, is what sets us apart.

ACS can handle individual pieces of equipment or the entire testing system for you. From potato chips to gensets and diesel engine assembly and testing, we have streamlined processes in facility renovation and new construction environments.