What the Aerospace Industry Can Learn from the Automotive Sector

April 11, 2024 - Author: Darryn La Zar - Senior Director, Business Development

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How Automotive Sector Strategy Can Guide Aerospace Action

The relationship between the automotive and aerospace industries reveals parallels often overlooked, presenting a valuable learning opportunity for aerospace professionals. Despite their apparent differences, these industries share a fundamental similarity, particularly in their utilization and analysis of data. Whether in the automotive or aerospace industry, meticulous assessment of facility performance and equipment efficiency is paramount. This mutual reliance on data underscores the potential for cross-industry knowledge transfer and innovation, where insights gleaned from one sector can be effectively applied to the other.

For SAE Media Group’s Tech Briefs’ Expert Insight series, Darryn La Zar, Senior Business Development Director at ACS, provides perspective on how the aerospace industry can update its approach to facility and test equipment real-time data monitoring with a focus on product life cycles, obsolescence, and managing risk. Darryn also spoke with Aerospace & Defense Technology (A&DT) about the need in the aerospace industry to embrace open architecture software.

“Automotive engineers have to design very flexible facilities from the start because their life cycle is different. They don’t move to a new building every time they produce a new vehicle or variant. In aerospace, their volume life cycle is significantly longer. Aerospace engineers need to look at more updates over time to stay current with regulatory and safety requirements over the life cycle of an aircraft.”

Armed with insights and expertise from automotive sector strategy, aerospace organizations can plan a course for their facilities to address production and testing objectives. As both industries evolve and expand, so will their challenges. By leveraging insights from the automotive industry, aerospace organizations can gain fresh perspectives and refine their approaches, ultimately improving their capabilities to navigate the dynamic challenges of the modern landscape with confidence and agility.

Be sure to watch Darryn’s full interview on SAE Media Group’s Tech Briefs TV.