Planning For Success

Monday Jul 20 2015

When it comes to facility planning, the statement “spend a dollar today to save ten dollars tomorrow” could not be truer. The best time to...

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3 Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Load Bank for Generator Testing

Monday Jul 06 2015

Choices made regarding load bank selection will directly influence the range and type of testing that can be performed.

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Heavy Duty Opportunity - Phase 2 Fuel Efficiency and GHG Review Completed

Monday Jul 06 2015

A review of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles - Phase 2 draft was completed on Thursday, June 18 2015 and released Friday, June 19. This rule, when it becomes law in 2016, will be a continuation of Phase 1 introduced in 2014.

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Commission This!

Monday Jun 29 2015

While commissioning a BSL-3Ag Lab (biosafety laboratory level 3 for agricultural hazards), I was asked by the project manager to investigate why two high-velocity exhaust fans serving the containment space were not performing as designed. Troubleshooting the system led me to a substantial learning experience.

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Engine vs. Dynamometer – It’s a Dynamic Battleground

Thursday Jun 18 2015

When working at engine test cells, I see it as a battleground between the engine on one side and the dynamometer on the other. Each machine is fighting the other in an attempt to spread its influence on the overall system.

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New SAE Emissions Standard J2992 and the Promise of FTIR Spectroscopy

Friday Jun 05 2015

As EPA emissions standards for internal combustion have become stricter, engineers require tools that are capable of accurately detecting smaller and smaller concentrations of gaseous emissions. Examples include...

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Engine and Vehicle Test Facility Forum

Wednesday Jun 03 2015

We look forward to hosting the Engine and Vehicle Test Facility Forum June 9 – 11 in Madison, Wisconsin.

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When Custom Is Better Than Off-the-Shelf

Wednesday Jun 03 2015

Custom engineered and purpose built test equipment can often better address your requirements for functionality, delivery and price

In today’s world where anything can be found at the touch of a keyboard, chances are good that there is a company out there with a product that exactly meets your needs, right?

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Now That's a Big Dyno.....

Monday Jun 01 2015

There are not many 4000 HP-plus AC dynamometer engine test cells, but with the drive for sustainability and reduced operating costs, one of our major customers decided to invest the capital for both high-end test performance and long-term payback.

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The ACS Story

ACS is a unique total source provider of systems & equipment, controls solutions, and facilities. Our experience in each of the fields of technology, custom equipment, systems integration, construction management, and facility design & delivery sets us apart.


ACS Flexible Delivery Model is a client-tested and proven approach that delivers systems and solutions that meet schedule, cost, and functionality requirements. ACS adapts to customer processes and reporting requirements and tailors its approach to suit client purchasing preferences.


ACS understands the core requirements of equipment, systems, and facility integration. From a single piece of equipment to a comprehensive building solution, our experience-based experts will deliver the specified requirements and functionality expected, and more.