“...All Others Must Bring the Right Data”

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Author: Paul Enger; Director, Business Development Systems and EquipmentTest Stands For Data Collection

The famous American engineer, statistician, professor, author, and lecturer, W. Edwards Deming said “In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data!”  I started my career as a Quality Engineer in the automotive industry and this popular quote from Deming was hung from the cubicle of one of my colleagues.  As I think about it now, I realize that two words are missing.  “In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring The Right Data!”  As a Quality Engineer, I was bombarded will all sorts of metrics (IPTV, CPV, PP100, etc.) that told me how many problems I had, but didn’t give me the right data to diagnose the problems.  It was my job to find the data after the event had occurred.  Unfortunately, many times it was not possible because our processes were unable to measure and record the right data.

In my role at ACS, our customers are Manufacturing Engineers and Quality Engineers who have the same challenges.  They need the right data!  I enjoy working with customers and our engineering team to design and build production test equipment and test stands that will capture the right data.  Whether it is an in-process leak check or an end-of-line full functional test, our custom test solutions perform all the required mechanical and electrical verifications to measure/collect the right data in useable, traceable formats. 

Sometimes I am just a little bit envious of the fact that the engineers I work with as ACS customers can predict and prevent warranty and functionality issues with timely, useable data as opposed to the reactionary behavior I faced as a Quality Engineer.   The business case for the right data is clear.  The right data, at the right time ultimately leads to fewer headaches and warranty issues, improved profitability, and ultimately greater customer satisfaction. I am happy to play a part in that!

Here’s the sign that hangs above my cubicle at ACS... 


Test Stands For Data Collection


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Test Stands For Data Collection


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