The Key Benefits of Having an Environmental Chamber at Your Facility

May 17, 2023

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Environmental testing is an essential and logistically complex part of the product development process, and outsourcing to third-party testing facilities or relying on outdoor testing presents additional challenges. Building your own environmental chamber puts you in control.

Check out our newest blog post, “Achieve More Consistent Results: The Benefits of an On-Site Environmental Chamber,” where Greg Larson, ACS equipment project manager, discusses the business benefits of having an environmental chamber in your R&D facility. With your own environmental chamber, you design and control testing conditions and processes, which means you get all the data you want and achieve more consistent results.

Greg also provides guidance on where to start your planning to design a customized environmental chamber. He gets into the three big questions you need to answer first. Your design partner can help you work through all the upfront planning questions to ensure you have a complete picture to budget and design the climatic chamber you need.

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of having an on-site environmental chamber for product testing, and how it can help you achieve better results and faster time-to-market, click through to read the full blog.


Q: When does a single environmental chamber for both hot and cold testing make sense?

A:  It really comes down to whether you do mostly either cold testing or warm testing and what kind of throughput you need. The switch over between running cold or warm tests can take significant time. Some cold tests require the unit under test get cold soaked for days before the test can be run. If the test fails, then it has to go through a cold soak cycle before it can be tested again. All of that time limits the ability to use the chamber for hot tests.

If throughput isn’t a priority and you primarily test either hot or cold, a dual chamber may be suitable. If you test a mix of both, then you probably want to have dedicated chambers for both hot and cold so you’re not limiting your test capacity.

Kohler required an applications lab to provide extensive testing capabilities for unique product demonstrations and concurrent interface with clients. This multipurpose lab allows for collaboration between Kohler and its customers for testing engines that are tailored to the customer’s specific application requirements. In addition, customers can witness testing for final approval.


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