Designing Equipment and Facility to Work Together

January 14, 2022

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an ACS electrician puts together a panel for one of their industrial clients

It’s nice to have a system that’s easy to use, but the real advantage of integrated control systems is bottom-line efficiency. The fewer manual steps an operator must take, the more time they have for other tasks. Machines can run with less downtime, completing tests more quickly. Entire testing cycles can be completed sooner, reducing time to market. An integrated test stand can be as easy to operate as a building’s air conditioning system as long as the test stand designer understands two things: what you need the equipment to do and what the equipment needs to make that job happen. If you can explain to a test stand designer how you want to test an item and the data you need to collect, the engineer can design the entire system around meeting that goal.

Then the designer will analyze what it takes for the system to give you what you want. Just like the cooling system needs space for ductwork and access to a chiller, your test stand will have needs for space, power, and utilities. The engineer will make sure your facility can accommodate the mechanical systems the test stand will need.

Control systems integration can be a component of new facility design or an existing facility remodel. ACS has earned its reputation as a leader in system integration because of its unique approach to construction planning. From concept to commissioning, ACS can handle an entire project.

battery dust chamber test equipment manufactured by ACS for Volkswagen

Battery Test Dust Chamber

ACS was selected to design and build a self-contained dust chamber for EV battery testing, in accordance with ISO and client-specific standards. Integrated PLC on the unit controls the duration and speed of the mixing. Learn more about this project.

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ACS was the front end construction manager for this new development at Subaru

Research and Development Technical Center

ACS conducted in-depth research to determine the ideal size of each space in the new facility and the infrastructure it would require. Infrastructure, facility, equipment, and systems were not designed as disparate elements, but were viewed as an integrated whole. As the construction manager, ACS had end-to-end visibility of the project and could make construction and equipment decisions that integrated well together.

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Kevin Koss Senior Mechanical Engineer of ACS United States

A:  The benefits of integrated systems are felt through every level of product test and development groups.

– Kevin Koss – PE, LEED AP
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Here’s a great example of a “Like a Glove” project.

an ACS electrician puts together a panel for one of their industrial clients

To promote a culture of safety, in our own facility and at customer sites, all ACS staff complete monthly safety skills training via an online tool. Andrea Carlson, our safety manager, reported that we had “100% training completion for the year of 2021.”

ACS are now members of the American Welding Society and Association for Facilities Engineering

We are happy to announce that we are now part of the American Welding Society (AWS) and the Association for Facilities Engineering (AFE).

ACS actively supports trade and industry associations and organizations to share knowledge, promote and learn best practices, and to advance new technologies. Above all, we value the relationships we develop as we serve on committees and participate in associated organizational activities and events.

And that means we’re looking for great people to add to our team. Do you know someone? Check out our open positions.

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an ACS electrician puts together a panel for one of their industrial clients
Designing Equipment and Facility to Work Together