Modular Enclosure Test Cells Customized to Meet Your Needs

May 21, 2020

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Modular enclosure test cells provide an innovative, portable and economical way to conduct product testing for R&D, certification, durability, validation, in-line and end-of-line production. Our teams have the experience and expertise to help define your needs, engineer and design systems, and deliver a complete turnkey modular enclosure solution.

Applications include:

  • Battery Testing
  • Combustion Powertrains
  • Components
  • Electric Powertrains
  • Fuel Testing
  • Hydraulic Systems

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As an organization that has always had some employees working remotely at client sites, we are fortunate to have systems in place to help us be efficient and productive. While we miss the face-to-face with our customers, we are moving projects forward!

We Continue to:

  • Kick-off new projects
  • Conduct design review meetings
  • Share Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) virtually
  • Work on site safely and where customers allow
  • Operate our manufacturing facility safely
  • Ship completed projects

Thanks to all our coworkers, partners and customers for your commitment to projects!

modular enclosure test cells

Our essential coworkers at our manufacturing facility are working safely to keep our production going.

modular enclosure test cells

Using our systems and processes to work as efficiently as possible, even from home.

modular enclosure test cells, dyno test cell, chassis dyno test cell

4WD Chassis Dyno Test Cells Upgrade

Turnkey design, construction, integration and commissioning of four 4WD chassis dyno modular enclosure test cells capable of testing up to Class 4 trucks.

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modular enclosure test cells, custom automation machine builders

Really? ACS Can Do That? Yes. We Can!

ACS provides industrial automation integration, automated test equipment, and industrial machines for production automation and End-of-Line (EOL) test.

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modular enclosure test cells, export management and compliance program

modular enclosure test cells

The ACS team received a client recognition award for the development and implementation of our Export Management and Compliance Program (EMCP). ACS fully complies with all U.S. export control regulations, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

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modular enclosure test cells

The new facility will accommodate our growing ACS team while improving our quality, safety and efficiency. Our engineers, designers, and project managers can more easily work side by side with manufacturing personnel throughout the design and build phases of a project. We will have more space for equipment prototypes and mockups and an improved experience for customer acceptance testing.

To see our in-progress photos head to our Facebook and/or LinkedIn Pages.

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