Integration Specialist: Your New Facility’s MVP

March 10, 2022

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acs provided a modular control room in this product development lab upgrade

Systems integration brings together a facility, its equipment, and a control system so they all work together. When it comes to the complex requirements of a modern facility, a systems integrator may be one of the most valuable members of your team.

An integrated system delivers everything the equipment needs to function safely and efficiently. At the same time, it collects the data the company seeks with easy-to-operate controls. It’s a complex ecosystem that, done right, maximizes a facility’s potential.

It’s difficult for in-house staff to match the depth of knowledge and breadth of skills systems integrators provide. Their constant exposure to the newest developments in rapidly changing technology keeps system integration specialists at the top of their game.

“Companies often call us in because of our expertise,” ACS Mechanical Engineer Randy Rozema said. “[An experienced systems integrator] expedites the learning curve for the company and shortens the time until the tests are up and running.”

Systems integrators have a holistic viewpoint. They’re not zeroed in on one of the three integration components. They have a view to how everything works together to achieve the overarching goal – collecting good data. Every piece of the system is engineered to meet the needs of the test.

For an automotive test, that might mean a facility that can accommodate engine exhaust and equipment that can simulate road conditions. For an acoustic test, it may mean a facility with silencers in the ventilation system and equipment designed to operate without sending vibrations into the test cell. A systems integration specialist has the big-picture view to keep all the pieces in their proper perspective.

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Product Development Lab Upgrade

A leading engine manufacturer was experiencing a bottleneck in engine development and durability testing. Its engine test cells were too few and too dated to accomplish its time-to-market goals. The renovation and upgrade benefitted from a systems integration approach.

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Integrated Test Cell Increases EOL Production Testing

Customer needed to increase end-of-line (EOL) testing capacity at their existing facility and sought a turnkey solution with minimal to no on-site construction. Solution needed to be fully integrated into facility.

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randy rozema of acs explains why it pays to hire a system integration specialist

A:  “When clients say ‘systems integration,’ they often mean marrying two or more pieces of equipment. We define it as uniting facility, equipment, and control system so we can deliver a total package.”

– Randy Rozema, INCE Bd Cert
Mechanical Engineer -Acoustic/Vibration, Principal

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