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Total Test Optimization

Test Process Improvement – Utilization and Efficiency in Test Facilities

ACS’ Total Test Optimization (TTO) is a test process improvement methodology used to analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness through product research and development as well as the testing process - from work order generation through test setup and execution - to data acquisition and data management. TTO is a proven process for identifying and implementing solutions that maximize the utilization of capital resources, minimize waste and improve overall efficiency.

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Benefits of TTO – Continuous Test Process Improvement Initiatives

TTO helps companies identify and document challenges they face with balancing safety and regulatory requirements, facility concerns and personnel constraints with their internal customers’ test requests and schedules. Specifically:

  • A third party evaluation can highlight inefficiencies and problems that may be politically uncomfortable or difficult for, or simply not visible to internal personnel
  • Lead time for testing and data collection and analysis can be reduced
  • Decisions about products can be made more efficiently with faster availability and better accuracy of test data
  • Labor costs and downtime can be significantly reduced once processes are thoroughly understood and analyzed
  • Maximize utilization of the test facility
  • Clearly identifying business unit and test program goals
  • Understanding operational costs
  • Define and document internal customer/product requirements
  • Benchmark operations – against industry norms and third party, outsourcing services
  • Apply metrics that were once applied primarily to production environments to evaluate ROI

ACS Total Test Optimization Methodology

  • Onsite review of the existing testing process
    • Site visits and observation
    • Interviews with key personnel
  • ACS documents and analyzes and current test processes, using tools such as Process Flow Diagrams and Value Stream Mapping
  • Areas for improvement are identified based on ACS’ extensive industry experience and lean process tools and techniques. Identified improvements and solutions often include a combination of the following:
    • Process changes
    • Standardized work documentation
    • Inventory management
    • Planning and scheduling
    • Data management software
    • Facility changes
    • Equipment upgrades
  • A Strategic and Tactical Implementation Plan is developed, to guide the investments and schedules required to achieve testing goals.
  • Full Implementation/Phased implementation. Client success is maximized when there is full implementation of solutions rather than a piecemeal approach. ACS can assist with a pilot of the proposed recommendations to further identify and fully vet those with the biggest impact on client goals.

Additional ACS Services

To insure timely implementation, ACS can:

  • Design and manufacture specialty components
  • Assist the client with inventory management tools
  • Perform 3D scans of the test cells to develop and produce 3D models
  • Design and install match plates for quicker connection of various size engine test units
  • Specify or design driveshafts or other power transfer and fixturing components that can be used to test the manufacturers’ entire product range

Some clients have taken a kit approach to assure that all parts needed for a test unitswap are readily available and accessible. ACS works as an extension of staff to assure a proactive approach to help clients meet their testing goals.

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ACS is a unique total source provider of systems & equipment, controls solutions, and facilities. Our experience in each of the fields of technology, custom equipment, systems integration, construction management, and facility design & delivery sets us apart.


ACS Flexible Delivery Model is a client-tested and proven approach that delivers systems and solutions that meet schedule, cost, and functionality requirements. ACS adapts to customer processes and reporting requirements and tailors its approach to suit client purchasing preferences.


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