North American Headquarters

MAHLE - Farmington Hills, MI

The overall project consisted of the following five subprojects:

  • Complete demolition and renovation of an existing 40,000 GSF office area including a complete external building skin replacement
  • Construction of a new 5,000 GSF data center within an existing warehouse, complete with mission critical mechanical and electrical systems
  • Construction of a new 12,000 GSF office area within an existing warehouse
  • Construction of a new 6,000 GSF two story central reception building and walkways to connect MAHLE’s existing Technology Center to their newly renovated office facility
  • Extensive site work and landscaping to complete a new site entry and parking for MAHLE’s overall North American Headquarter’s site

ACS Commissioned the following services:

  • Chilled Water System including (2) chillers, (1) dry cooler, (3) primary and (3) secondary pumps
  • Humidification system for the data center
  • Fan coil units for mechanical cooling for the data center, electrical, and mechanical rooms
  • Emergency generator system including testing all shutdown modes of the overall data center
  • Hot water system including (2) boilers, (2) primary, and (2) secondary pumps that serve the approximately 100 VAV’s in the building
  • Air-Handing Unit (AHU-1 & 2) with chilled and hot water coils serving the FHA offices
  • Air-Handing Unit (AHU-3) with chilled and hot water coils serving the Aftermarket
  • Air-Handling Unit (AHU-4) serving the CRB
  • Exhaust Fans serving the mechanical room and bathrooms
  • Unit Heaters serving the stairwells

ACS Services:
Turnkey Design Management, Construction Management, Commissioning Services, and Site Supervision

Project Applications

  • Renovation
  • Technology Center
  • Offices
  • Warehouse

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