Emissions Turbocharger Test Stand & Controls

GE Transportation - Erie, PA

GE Transportation needed to modernize the existing turbocharger test stand in their diesel engine test lab Building 18, Cell A to allow for steady state testing of both single-stage and dual-stage turbochargers for Tier IV emissions compliant locomotive engines. ACS designed and supplied a new controls & data acquisition system, updated instrumentation and controls, water and oil supply conditioning units and an inter-stage cooler between the low and high-pressure stage compressors. The turbocharger test cell will be capable of testing single-stage and dual-stage turbocharger arrangements as well as the Tier 4 dual-stage turbochargers for all engine families (Inline 6, Inline 8, V12, and V16.) ACS provided complete installation and commissioning of the test cell equipment.

Key Performance Features:

  • GE RX3i with Proficy software test cell control and safety PLC system
  • Supply, install and commission data acquisition system
  • Combustor air supply system capable of up to 0.2 lb/sec
  • Compressed air turbocharger starting system
  • Combustor diesel fuel supply system that injects up to 3.75 gpm at 600psi maximum and achieves a turbine speed up to 50,000 rpm
  • Turbocharger water conditioning system to maintain 120F-200F cooling water
  • Inter-stage air-to-water cooling system which cools from 425F to 110F compressor air
  • Lube oil conditioning system to preheat and maintain 140F-215F oil temperature

ACS Services:

ACS held a single-source contract for test facility design and construction management; equipment design and component specification, equipment build, procurement and contractor installation; integration of equipment, facility and control systems; and commissioning.

Project Applications

  • Machine & Equipment Control
  • Process Automation
  • PLC
  • Data Acquistion
  • Control Panel Design & Build

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