Aerospace Altitude Chamber Control Systems Upgrade

Project Features:
Facilities and Equipment Integration, Altitude Chamber Control System, Control Panel Build, Turboshaft Engines Test

aerospace control systems for altitude chamber

The Challenge

Our client, a major aerospace engine OEM and component manufacturer had a large-scale cold altitude chamber that had been in operation for decades. The existing controls had been in place since the original installation and couldn’t provide the execution rates required to control the processes for the transient testing required for current turboshaft engines test programs. The altitude chamber control system interfaces with the facility systems across the campus and is necessary for the operation of the chamber. These aerospace control systems include the facility compressor, vacuum system, generation of hot air and cold air, and all system variables to meet the required test conditions.

The Solution

ACS’ original scope was to complete the customer-provided design using some customer-supplied materials from the specified controls vendor and purchase the remainder of materials to complete the control panel build, control software development, integration of the existing data acquisition system, integration and modification of the facility safety systems, factory acceptance testing, installation, site acceptance testing, and training. As the design was initiated, it soon became apparent that the hardware originally specified didn’t have the execution rates capable of controlling the number of variables necessary to meet the critical parameters of the test. This included the precise real-time control of more than twenty valves required to blend the hot and cold air supplied to meet the critical transient engine inlet temperatures, along with the cell pressure and the numerous support systems involved.

Our scope expanded to redesign the control system, software definition, and specify new hardware capable of controlling all required aerospace control system parameters at the necessary rates.

The Outcome

Our client received a turnkey solution, an experienced controls team, and a reduced project completion timeline. The aerospace controls system reduced the staffing required, provided enhanced safeties, repeatable and more accurate control, and a reduction in testing time.

Key Features

  • Modern state-of-the-art aerospace control systems
  • Improved execution rates
  • Intuitive software, reducing the number of test cell operators required

ACS Services

  • Controls design
  • Controls programming
  • Procurement
  • Build
  • Installation
  • Systems Integration
  • FAT – Factory Acceptance Testing
  • SAT – Site Acceptance Testing