Anechoic Chamber

Harley-Davidson Motor Company - Wauwatosa, WI

Project Features: NVH, Design & Construction Services

anechoic chamber construction

As part of the expansion of the Harley-Davidson Product Development Center, ACS held a single-source contract to design and construct a 22mx21mx5m anechoic chamber. The chamber includes 50 Hz Cutoff Frequency, 2 Hz Vibration Isolation and 25 NC Background noise with HVAC on. A control room is adjacent to the chamber and allows the operators to run the tests through computers and cameras.

Key Performance Features:

  • Allows for the replication of outdoor drive by acoustic test facilities in an indoor environment, which provides repeatability and all season utility.
  • Test subject remains immobile while consecutive microphones sequenced on and off.
  • Vehicle cooling fans, engine exhaust flap and instrumentation racks descend into the floor.
  • A bike lift allows the test subject to be raised for ease of adjustment to the motorcycle.
  • 120 Hp motorcycle chassis dyno with 60” roll capable of 0 to 120 mph speed.
  • 50,000 cfm ventilation system allows motorcycle to be operated by a driver.

ACS Services:

ACS held a single-source contract for test facility design and construction management; equipment design and component specification, equipment build, procurement, and contractor installation; integration of equipment, facility, and control systems; and commissioning.