4WD Chassis Dyno Test Cells Upgrade

April 23, 2020

Ford Michigan Proving Grounds - Romeo, MI

Project Features:
4WD Chassis Dyno, Road Speed Fan, Thermal Enclosure, Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure, Demolition, Renovation

4WD chassis dyno test cells upgrade

Project Overview

ACS provided turnkey engineering, design, construction, integration, and commissioning to upgrade four 4WD chassis dyno test cells capable of testing up to Class 4 trucks. ACS specified and procured dynamometers, robot drivers and data acquisition system. ACS designed, fabricated and installed road speed fan systems capable of 200 MPH simulation, thermal enclosures, control systems, gas detection, and complete vehicle integration tools. The mileage accumulation facility upgrade included two heated enclosure test cells and two open air test cells. ACS also performed conceptual engineering for future upgrade phases for this facility.

Key Features

  • 4WD chassis dyno test cells capable of testing up to Class 4 trucks
  • Road speed fan systems capable of 200 MPH simulation
  • Thermal enclosures
  • Control systems
  • Gas detection
  • Complete vehicle integration tools

ACS Services

  • Test cell and equipment design
  • Managed construction including demolition of existing cells and renovation
  • Integration of existing building infrastructure including power, fire protection
  • Design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of test cell and safety control systems
  • Upgrade of fuel dispensing systems
  • Installation of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure
  • Complete air flow and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) study to correlate track air flow with road speed fan