End-of-Line Production Test Stand Improved Quality of Data and Cycle Time

Project Features: Integrated Test Stand, Reliability Testing, Production Verification, NI™ LabVIEW DAQ and Control System

data acquisition test stand manufactured by ACS

The Challenge

The assembly line at this manufacturer of automation and control devices was running two to three times faster than its end-of-line data acquisition test stand. The test stand required far too much manual intervention on the part of the operator, resulting in longer cycle times and a greater risk of errors in data quality.

In addition, the manufacturer of the servo on the test stand had gone out of business and spare parts were no longer available to service the equipment.

The Solution

ACS created an integrated SmartX Dual Head Actuator Test Stand for the company. In addition to the typical capabilities of an actuator test stand, the data acquisition test stand flashes a hex file to a computer chip on the actuator.

The new test stand is far safer for operators to use. It includes manual guarding and a pneumatic clamp that holds the actuator securely in place during testing. There are two emergency stops and a number of automated controls that mean fewer manual interventions by the operator.

The test stand has a built-in calibration mechanism to ensure the data being collected is accurate. The servo motor, gearbox, and process encoder were all designed using parts manufactured in the client’s own facility, so spare parts will no longer be difficult to obtain.


The new data acquisition test stand was designed with safety in mind. The guarding and integrated high potential (HiPot) testing help to improve operator safety. Safety is further improved by the reduction of manual processes, which also shortens cycle time and eliminates the bottleneck at the end of the line.

The new test stand is automatically collecting data without manual intervention, improving data quality and reducing the risk of costly data errors.

Key Performance Features

  • End-of-line production quality test stand with Integrated data acquisition system
  • Improved safety – manual guarding and a pneumatic clamp to hold the product securely in place during testing
  • Integrated HiPot testing improves safety
  • Minimal operator time and interaction in the testing process improves productivity
  • Increased reliability of test equipment improves test quality

ACS Services

Design, engineer and build of custom test stand with data acquisition, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) with full test fixture run-off, onsite commissioning at customer site

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