Electric Transmission Test for Production Quality Verification

Project Features: End-of-Line (EOL) Production Electric Transmission Test Stand, Production Quality Verification, Electrification, Component Test Stand, NI Integrator Partner, Systems Integrator

transmission tester machine, electric transmission test, electric transmission test equipment

Project Overview

ACS designed and built custom, End-of-Line (EOL) electric transmission test equipment for production quality verification of electric axle assemblies. The new transmission tester machine consists of a stationary controls/power system along with a movable motor-fixture assembly that is mounted onto the axle assembly. The electric transmission test stand requires human interaction to mount the motor assembly onto the axle assembly.

An Allen-Bradley PLC controls all functionality related to the test stand. Once mounted, the automation system performs the predefined test sequence. As an NI systems integrator, we used an NI system for real-time control, data acquisition, and recording of all functionality related to the test stand.

Key Performance Features

  • Production quality verification of electric transmission assemblies
  • NI system for real-time control, data acquisition, integration
  • Automated system performs the predefined test sequence
  • Human interaction to mount the electric transmission axle assembly onto the motor assembly

ACS Services

Design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly, NI data acquisition and integration, FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)

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