Emissions Measurement and Certification Test Facility

Cummins - Columbus, IN

Project Features:
On-Highway Engines, Emissions R&D, Certification

emissions measurement certification test facility

ACS was contracted to design and manage the construction of four emission test cells for engine certification. The ACS team designed and fabricated many of the engine fluid conditioning systems.

Key Performance Features:

  • Four full-flow sub-sonic venturi CVS dilution systems for on-highway engine certification – two 500hp and two 750hp.
  • Dilution tunnel design for optimum dilute flow turndown and mixing.
  • Emissions analysis equipment for measuring dilute PM and Gaseous emissions, including specific dilution tunnel ports and probes for each simple train.
  • Oil and coolant conditioning systems with forced cool down capabilities.
  • Custom fuel conditioning skid with mass flow measurement and temperature control.
  • Each test cell comprised of its own combustion, exhaust, CVC, cell ventilation air handling units for a completely unitary test cell.

ACS Services:

ACS held a single-source contract for design and construction management; equipment specification, procurement and installation; integration of equipment and facility systems; and commissioning.