End of Line Tractor Test Lab Upgrade

April 2, 2020

AGCO - Jackson, MN

Project Features:
Test Cell Ventilation, Engine Exhaust, Test Cell Upgrade, Temperature and Humidity Control

end of line test cell upgrade, eol test cell upgrade

Project Overview

ACS’ role was to capture the engine exhaust and space condition of their new quality gate End-of-Line (EOL) Test Cell. AGCO’s desire was to have an air-conditioned test cell. We were able to help them settle on an affordable ventilation approach through several design iterations and budget checks. Once starting the project, we were able to upgrade the ventilation system with air-conditioning by locating a suitable unit through our surplus equipment connections.

Key Performance Features

  • The delivery system has a wide range of temperature and humidity operating points that are controlled and fully accessible by test operations.

ACS Services

ACS maximized the value of AGCO’s budget through several unique approaches to project delivery including leveraging in-house experience for design and 3D modeling, working closely with contractors to directly stamp the drawings, seeking and procuring surplus equipment, incorporating fabric ductwork, building custom engine exhaust hoods with fabric strip curtains and supplying simple custom controls.