End of Line Genset Production Testing

November 5, 2019

Project Features:
Genset, Test, Automation, EOL, Data Acquisition, DAQ, Equipment Design, Production, Fabrication, PLC

End of line genset production testing

The client wanted to automate and relocate their end-of-line production test system for generator sets that use propane, natural gas, diesel and gasoline. The goal was a total time of three minutes to align with production rates. The process had to be a fully automated test and transportation system, to increase the overall efficiency. The system includes a total of seven independent test enclosures with integrated controls and data acquisition systems, an automated delivery conveyor system and a centralized prep area.

Project Scope

Conveyor System:

  • Multiple product line inputs with random product mix
  • Individual sections for fine product control
  • 100% automated system

Test Pallets:

  • One design – accepts all gen-set families and variations
  • Quick connections
    • Designed with swappable components for wide product application:
      • Fluid
      • Controls
      • Power

Test Enclosures:

  • 1 hour fire rated and 100 PSF blast rating
  • No hearing protection required in vicinity – below 85 DBA emitted
  • Multiple fuel types supported
    • Including flammable fuels, propane and natural gas
  • Fully Automated
    • Product entrance/exit
    • Fluid and electrical connections via match plate with test pallet
    • Test sequence configuration
    • Product tuning and adjustments
    • Safety Instrumented System monitoring

Project Challenges:

  • Multiple Gen-Set Families varying sizes and layouts
    • 5kW – 35kW
    • 11 product families with a multitude of configurations
    • Single & multiple phase power output
  • Multiple Test Specification & Protocols
  • Overall Footprint Limitation

With experience in engine and gen-set testing, data acquisition and PLC programming, ACS delivered a turnkey solution with extensive testing capabilities that met the performance criteria for this long-time customer.