Engine Development Emissions Certification Test Cell Upgrade

Navistar - Melrose Park, IL

Project Features:
On-Highway Engines, Emissions R&D, Certification, Engine Dynamometer, Construction & Equipment Integration

engine development test cell upgrade

ACS managed the construction and equipment integration for the upgrade of two engine development test cells for emissions measurement and EPA 40 CFR Part 1065 compliant emissions certification.

ACS conducted 3D scanning of the existing utilities to document existing conditions, determine where to locate new equipment and facilitate the physical interconnections of old with new.

The scanning provided a basis for creating a virtual model using BIM tools and software, allowing ACS to maximize the service area and provide a layout that met the client’s accessibility needs for service and maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Dynamometer and drive upgrade to 800kW
  • Two complete certification level emissions sampling systems including:
    • Full flow CVS (Constant Volume Sampling)
    • Particulate sampling
    • Bag sampler
  • New upgraded combustion and dilution air systems in both cells to meet testing requirements
  • Chilled water system for engine conditioning systems
  • Complete electrical and mechanical integration of test equipment from different suppliers including:
    • Data acquisition
    • Dynamometer, drive and controller
    • Emissions measurement system
    • Fuel measurement and conditioning
  • ACS designed and fabricated system for the control of charge air cooling
  • PLC per test cell for facility control

ACS Services:

ACS held a single-source contract for design and construction management; equipment specification, procurement and installation; integration of equipment and facility systems; and commissioning.