Modular Enclosure Test Stand for R&D Fuel Filtration System

May 6, 2021

Project Features:
Fire Suppression Safety-Rated Modular Enclosure, Filtration R&D Test Cell, R&D Fuel Filtration Products Testing, Particle Counting System

Integrated fire-rated enclosure and safety systems for R&D testing to optimize fuel filtration products

Project Overview

Our customer, an OEM supplier of filtration products for the on- and off-highway vehicle market, needed to expand their testing capabilities to test and validate use of their filtration products in a variety of applications. What started out as a system of skids became a complete modular test cell enclosure that fits perfectly in the existing test lab space designated for this new capability. Our client stated that they now have “the most complex and capable test stand for our company internationally.”

ACS Solution

ACS designed, built, and programmed a research and development test cell enclosure and system to operate our customer’s fuel injector products, as well as their competitors, to optimize their fuel filtration products.

The test stand is designed to operate a high-pressure fuel pump and injectors with varying levels of dust incorporated into the working diesel calibration fluid. Based on the filters installed, the firing frequency, and the test type, the injectors will fail leakage and/or flow rate criteria and the test will complete. Because of the working fluid and the high pressure, a fire rated enclosure and safety system was incorporated into the unit.

Key Features

  • Fire-rated test cell stand designed to fit within existing test lab, using existing building utilities and infrastructure
  • Safety systems for working fluid up to 40,000 psi
  • Data points measured include temperatures, pressures, and flows
  • Standalone temperature controllers temper the fluid in the sump tanks. On-machine M12 junction blocks aid in faster startup when compared to discrete wiring to instrumentation.
  • Test stand uses an ISO standard dust to make dirty fuel and tests the effectiveness of various filters and the failure time for injectors

ACS Services

Designed and Build of Fully Integrated Test Stand and System, Controls Engineering and Design, Control Panel Build, FAT (Factory Acceptance), Commissioning, supported customer on SAT (Site Acceptance Testing)