Fuel Safety for Over 20 R&D Test Cells

November 5, 2019

Project Features:
Allen Bradley, PLC, Alternative Fuels, Safety, Flammable Fuels

fuel safeties for r&d test cells


ACS provided custom turnkey fuel delivery rigs to meet requirements for safe delivery of flammable fuels used in an engine test environment. ACS custom designed, fabricated, tested and commissioned 23 fuel supply train skids and provided facility upgrades.


ACS programmed PLC systems for the three test cells that were more complex and required enhanced capabilities


Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix safety PLCs and PanelView Plus 6” HMI


On-site management of contractors during installation and construction phase. Verification of installed SIS systems

Panel Build

Manufactured and tested (20) Pilz-based SIS panels Manufactured and tested (3) Allen-Bradley SIS panels including programming

Field Devices

SIL rated: Flow switches, natural gas and propane LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) sensors, gas pressure switches, flame detectors, valve position. Other devices: Coriolis flow meter, dual-seal pressure transducers, purge fan


A manufacturer of diesel engines had an increased need for testing with flammable fuels, which required upgrades to their test cells and facility to meet safety standards and codes. The client’s goals included providing a safe work environment for personnel, protecting assets and business interests, complying with legal & regulatory obligations and a common safety response from cell to cell.


All cells needed to be compliant with the client’s internal standard for testing with natural gas and propane. Some cells were much more complex than others which required additional engineering and more capable controls. Scheduling also presented challenges; upgrades had to be completed in a short timeframe to avoid delaying future testing and scheduled around current testing. ACS worked with the client to sequence the work, based on testing schedules, program demand and amount of work required in each cell.


ACS custom designed, fabricated, tested, and commissioned 23 fuel supply-train skids (natural gas and propane), each of which included double-block and bleed valves, pressure switches, flow meter, pressure regulator, venting, over-pressure protection and pressure transducer.

Facility equipment upgrades included scavenge air system, SIS (Safety Instrumented System) controls, gas detection, fuel supply train and associated safeties, exhaust purge and explosion relief.