Lithium Ion Battery Test Equipment

Project Features: Battery Pack/Modules, End-of-Line (EOL) Test Stand, Electrification Component Testing, Functional Verification, Automated Test

lithium battery testing equipment, battery test system, lithium ion battery test equipment

Project Overview

An international manufacturer of large, commercial, rechargeable lithium ion batteries needed a test system to perform End-of-Line (EOL) functional verification of both battery packs and battery modules for quality control. The lithium ion battery test equipment was designed to interact with multiple DUTs (Devices Under Test) which are connected via harnesses to the test stand. A barcode is scanned and the correct software version is then flashed onto the Device-Under-Test (DUT). The stand runs a series of automated tests and records data specified by the client. The end use customer supplied the manufacturing line equipment to bring battery packs or battery modules to the test stand, along with the umbilical harnesses to connect the DUTs to the lithium ion battery test equipment, the battery charger, and the DC cycler.

ACS Solution

ACS provided two battery test stands for use by an international manufacturer of large, commercial, rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The stands consist of a central 19” rack cabinet with two NEMA 12 control panels, one mounted on each side. Each stand has one high voltage connection to the battery, five high voltage connections for different types of chargers, and one Amphenol or similar connector for interfacing to the low voltage BMS of the pack or module. The test stand was programmed to meet the customer-provided battery pack tester and battery module tester specifications for sequence of operations.

Key Performance Features

  • Component test stand designed to interact with multiple Devices Under Test (DUT)
  • Test stand for lithium ion battery packs and battery modules
  • Automated test and data acquisition

ACS Services

Design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly, FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)

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