Hemi Anechoic Chamber NVH Lab

November 5, 2019

Briggs & Stratton - Wauwatosa, WI

Project Features:
Hemi Anechoic Chamber, Durability Testing, Fuel, Dynamometer (Dyno), Lawn & Garden, Noise Vibration Harshness

Renovation of existing building footprint to construct a 4-meter hemi anechoic chamber for testing small engines

As part of their strategic plan to reduce time to market for new products and increase product quality, Briggs & Stratton needed to upgrade their acoustic and vibration test lab. Their goals included consolidating lab spaces to bring team members together and increase testing capacity, updating and adding measurement and analysis capabilities, and improving energy efficiency through mechanical and electrical upgrades. ACS was contracted for the design, construction management and commissioning of the 13,500 SF renovation.

ACS designed and built an entirely new roof structure to accommodate the new hemi anechoic chamber. With careful coordination, the roof of the building was removed, and new elevated roof structure was installed. The new roof section also provided support for the air handling units that were supplying the temperature sensitive test spaces.

To access the area and install equipment during the renovation, ACS brought in a helicopter to do the heavy lifting, saving time and money by avoiding the need for an oversized and costly crane.

Project Challenges

New test lab location was in the middle of the manufacturing facility footprint, requiring coordination of schedule and contractors.

NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) testing has very specific requirements for square footage and height of the test space to simulate real world environment in which the product will be used. The roof of the building was opened and removed, and the new elevated roof structure was installed.

Work was sequenced to allow the move of some equipment into renovated space as it was completed.

The work was completed with no disruption to ongoing operations within the facility.

Key Features

  • Renovation of existing building footprint for two hemi anechoic chamber engine dyno test cells
    • one 2-meter and one 4-meter
    • 100 Hz cutoff per ISO 3745
    • noise barrier doors
  • Relocation of existing shaker equipment for vibration and durability testing
  • New ventilation systems to support the test cells and office general space
  • Modifications to existing mechanical & electrical facilities to use existing capacity of fuel and electrical infrastructure
  • Renovation and build out of high‐bay areas, prototype build space, engine & vehicle preparation and lift, machine room, support spaces, offices, conference rooms, and reception area